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How did you come to financial planning?

“I have over 15 years’ experience in financial planning. Originally from South Africa, my journey in financial planning actually began in 2002 with my first job at a Sydney-based financial planning firm. I worked there learning the trade and gaining experience for a few years when I decided to branch out and start my own financial planning business with two colleagues. We quickly built a successful company.”

What fascinates you?

“I have a fascination with money markets and what makes the world go round. I also enjoy helping people make decisions in their lives that I know are going to really make a difference. For me, financial planning is an art, in that, each person is different and we want different things out of life. That makes creating a financial strategy and planning to meet those goals a creative endeavour – you are tailoring it to suit each person. However, it’s a fusion of art and science, because so much of what we do relies on statistics, financial data, legislation etc. So, I’m inspired by the juxtaposition of creativity with rationality.”

What are you passionate about?

“Art, my pugs, dining out, being social. I’m passionate about not wasting a single day and truly enjoy our life where you are at now.“



financial adviser
How did you come to financial planning?

“Since my inception which is now going on 20 years of experience I’ve always had a keen interest within the financial services sector and why a decision to pursue a financial planner career is simple, When you genuinely care about people you will always find yourself doing everything possible to give a helping hand and as a financial planner you are doing the same but just at a professional level assisting people to reach there goals.”

What are you passionate about?

To love, to respect and to treat all things equal be that a human, wildlife or even a plant.”

What inspires you?

“The past, the present and the future.”

What is your strongest characteristic?

“I’m a enthusiastic positive individual who takes pride in everything I do be that working as a professional or caring for a loved one or even taking a breath of fresh air. Life is great and we should all take a step back to appreciate the wonders that surrounds us.”



accounts & HR
What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who have passion. The passion to go after what they want and take the chance and allow themselves to prosper and grow.

What would you say is your strongest characteristic?

“Perseverance would have to be my strongest trait. I don’t give up easily no matter how tough the challenge might seem. First and foremost I am a people person. The biggest satisfaction I get is knowing I have in some way helped make someone’s dream become a reality. I pride myself on being a mentor.”

What are you passionate about?

“I have been fortunate to have lived in a few different countries over the last 25 years. Including 17 years in the United States and 1.5 years in Ireland. Having worked for over a decade in the hospitality industry has given me a very clear insight about providing excellent customer service. I like to think that living abroad has given me a stronger perspective on what is important to people.”

What's your favourite quote?

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Peter Drucker . I think this quote says it all. We shape our own destiny and we can’t succeed in something we don’t start. Taking the first step is always the most difficult.